Sodalite Creative and Big River Solutions

November 19th, 2019

Big River Solutions

Big River Solutions has worked for more than 20 years with many local, regional and global brands to deliver practical solutions that maximise performance. Our vision is to enable our clients to increase their capabilities, while embedding pragmatic methodologies and processes. We operate in two key areas, namely Category Development and Shopper Marketing.

Category Development

We have a proven track record in creating Category Development solutions that become an everyday habit, with everyone in an organisation having a part to play. Whilst others settle for Category Management, at Big River we drive for Category Development. Our belief is that Category Development delivers more, and has greater effect, than just taking the purely historical view produced by Category Management. We acknowledge that a review of the past has a part to play in creating a level of retrospective understanding. However, predicting and anticipating the trends that are approaching allow us to help you ensure that your category retains its relevance. Aligning expectation to market conditions, which are shaped by the customer, shopper, consumer and the environment, allows clients to identify new opportunities, including NPD, brand extension opportunities and shopper marketing.

Shopper Marketing

At Big River Solutions, we have been part of the process where Shopper Marketing has become a hot topic for forward-thinking brand managers who want to achieve long-term brand growth. Putting shoppers at the centre of your marketing efforts means customising their whole shopping experience. It requires understanding of what motivates them along the path of purchase from sofa to shelf, anticipating what will delight them at each and every step of their journey. It moves you to a position of power, where you understand what your shoppers want before they do – and then enables you to provide a solution that creates new habits and generates real brand loyalty. Shopper Marketing is a discipline where Big River Solutions is particularly able and agile, getting under the skin of the data to deliver insights and inspiration that will keep your brand ahead of the pack.

Virtual Reality Store Simulations.

Find out how the combined expertise of Sodalite Creative and Big River Solutions can benefit you, and contact us today.

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