What do we do?

Sodalite Creative has a team of graphic designers, modellers and animators with many years of experience, capable of taking your ideas and bringing them to life. This can be in the form of stills, animations or printed media. Sodalite Creative utilises the latest virtual reality technology. Whether it’s using real-time animation techniques or more traditional animation processes, Sodalite Creative can help you communicate your vision clearly and effectively.

Boasting an array of real-time retail environments from large supermarkets to small convenience stores to coffee shops and in-home settings. These environments are available to use on an ad-hoc basis or as part of the Sodalite Creative Virtual Lab subscription. As partners with Shopping Behaviour Xplained these environments can act as stimulus for shopper research, helping you understand more about shopper behaviour and providing a clear strategy on how to improve sales whilst enhancing the shopping experience.

Design & Create

Bring your vision to life in vivid detail in collaboration with our dedicated visual projects team.

Optimise Investment

Helping you avoid costly mistakes, allowing you to get things right first time.

One Vision

Use our virtual reality imagery,

to unify your team behind one goal.

Our Key Services

Whether it’s a simple still image to show how your new POS could look in-store, an animation sharing your category vision or a store briefing pack, why not call us today to learn more about how Sodalite Creative can help you deliver your vision.

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