Empower your company to make better, smarter, retail decisions with our Space Planning solution.

Smart Thinking


Visualise your planograms in our
3-dimensional virtual world.

Extensive experience in space optimisation will maximise return
on investment.

Powerful Solutions

With over 50 years combined space planning experience the Sodalite Space division can provide high quality space planning and category management support.

Utilising the latest industry standard space planning software, Sodalite can analyse category or product performance and create planograms designed to increase profit, drive sales and maximise availability.

Sodalite’s collaboration with Brandbank also allows access to an extensive image library to ensure the highest level of visual quality is maintained.

Whether it’s an ad-hoc project or a longer term contract, why not call us today to learn more about how Sodalite Space can provide category plans that deliver your vision.


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