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It’s time to go large

The challenge


A Category Management Manager from a leading FMCG company, said “Our company is a company that is continually innovating and it’s imperative that we share our NPD with the retailers in the most impactful way possible.”


It was for this reason that he contacted Sodalite Creative. He wanted to show Sainsbury’s how the display could look with the new lines in place. He also wanted to bring to life their recommended category segmentation. He needed to present the display to Sainsbury’s with the maximum impact. In fact, he wanted to present a life-size display.

The approach


It was at this point that Sodalite realized the size of the challenge. Anyone could print the planograms 8ft tall, but with planograms utilising Targa images scaled to a few hundred kilobytes in size, the image quality would be severely compromised. Printing these small images directly from the planogram would result in a highly pixelated print which would not reflect well on the client.

Nevertheless, Sodalite Creative took on the challenge. After some time testing a variety of approaches, Sodalite Creative perfected the way to utilise the low resolution images and upscale them to create an impactful life-size output.

Tony Jerodiaconou, Managing Director for Sodalite Creative said

“Print is very unforgiving when you are aiming for life-size.  Any reduction in quality is highly visible and will severely compromise the impact.  We have worked hard finding a process that will upscale the images so that we can use standard Brandbank planogram images for any large format print. The result was exceptional and our clients have been over the moon with the final result.”

The plans were printed onto 8ft by 4ft sheets of adhesive vinyl which were stuck to the wall. The Category Management Manager commented “We’ve used pull up banners of fixtures in the past but this approach is considerably more impactful.  It is like standing in front of a real 24ft fixture in store.  The team at Sodalite even added Sainsbury’s price tickets to add to the realism.  This approach allowed us to clearly talk about the various sub sections of the display, without any confusion.”

large format.jpg

The result


Whilst there is no substitute for reviewing a real fixture with real products, quite often this simply isn’t possible. It’s at times like this, that life size printing is the next best thing. The display was exceptionally clear and it was easy for the viewers to understand where all the products sat on the shelf.

The client said
“We were working to exceptionally tight deadlines but the team at Sodalite were brilliant.  Nothing was too much trouble and what they delivered far exceeded our expectations.”

As Harold Geneen says, communication is one of the 5 essential skills for success and as you can see, there’s no substitute for high quality visuals when you’re presenting your plans to the trade. 

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