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Introducing Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Biscuits

The challenge


It’s never easy introducing a new product to any market.  The team at Lotus Bakeries, known for their moreish Biscoff biscuit, were fully aware of the challenge. 

With close to 80% of NPD failing within the first year, it was essential the product was launched effectively.

The new product, a Biscoff Sandwich, in three flavours, would build on the success of the core Biscoff biscuit and provide a comprehensive range comprising plain, chocolate and cream variants.

It was imperative that the product was listed in the major multiples and that it was displayed with the other Lotus products to create a strong brand presence on shelf.

The approach


Launching a new product is a complex task and as always, packaging sign off is at the tail end of the process.  This makes visualising the display a tricky business.

Frances Booth, Category Marketing Manager at Lotus Bakeries knew that for the product to stand the best chance of success they needed to be displayed with the existing Lotus products, creating a strong red block on shelf.  She knew shoppers of the core range would be excited by the new product and would increase their basket spend.

The immediate challenge was how to communicate this to the retailers so that they fully understood how important the brand blocking was.  It was at this stage that Frances called on the services of Sodalite.  Having worked together on a number of projects in the past, Frances knew that Sodalites high resolution virtual reality visuals would be the perfect way to show the retailers how the new products can be activated on shelf. 

Frances Booth said
“We worked with Sodalite in the past and knew that their high quality visuals and flexible approach would be perfect for us.”

The Sodalite team were given product dimensions and artwork and set to work recreating the premium biscuit display in the major multiples.  The displays were three dimensionally modelled to ensure the maximum quality was achieved.

lotus sandwich.jpg

The result


The visuals were created within a few weeks and the response from the retailers highly encouraging.

Tesco were the first to list the product with the remaining retailers planning to list the products during their respective ranging windows.

The on-shelf presence is exceptionally strong and seeing a distinct red Lotus block of colour will definitely draw the shoppers eye.

Any product that tastes as good as the Lotus Biscoff Sandwich, positioned as well as the Lotus Biscoff Sandwich cannot fail to be a success. 


Well done Lotus Bakeries.

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