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Sodalite Creative help Kraft Heinz bring Mr. Peanut back into the UK

The challenge


There are few brands that have a place in the hearts of a nation and even fewer brand icons that are 100 years old. Mr. Peanut is one such icon and Planters Nuts a brand that has been loved by millions the world over.


2016 sees the 100th anniversary of Mr Peanut, the Planters icon that so many of us remember from our youth. 2016 was also the year that saw Kraft Heinz start the process of reintroducing the famous Planters brand into the UK.

Matthew Mills, Head of Snacking UK and Ireland at Kraft Heinz said
“Our vision is to establish Planters as a leading brand in the healthy snacking category, which caters to the needs of consumers throughout the day”.

It was at this stage that Sodalite’s experience in virtual reality visualisation and animation were put to the test. Sodalite has over 10 years’ experience creating cutting edge visuals for many leading FMCGs.

The approach


Kraft Heinz approached Sodalite and asked for a comprehensive package of services to support the launch. This included voxpops, photo montage visuals and a number of animations to show the various points of interruption during a shopper journey. The visuals were presented to the trade as part of a  comprehensive launch campaign.


The biggest challenge was creating visuals without any samples being available. Sodalite worked with flat artwork to create three-dimensional models of the product range. These were combined with models of FSDUs, checkout units, clipstrips, security shrouds and also incorporated into the gondola display.

Planters Shipper Units

The result

The result was a realistic view of how the Planters implementation could look when well executed, leaving no room for ambiguity.

The launch is now complete and the Planters products have rolled out to all of the major multiples and the initial performance is exceptionally encouraging.

Head of Sales for Planters Nuts, Hashim Alsaidi said
“Sodalite’s support was nothing short of exceptional. We gave them some very challenging deadlines and they never failed to deliver. The quality of the visuals clearly brought to life what we wanted to achieve in store and definitely helped retailers appreciate the impact Planters would have with their shoppers”.


Matt Mill, Head of Snacking UK and Ireland at Kraft Heinz, said
“The UK re-launch was set to put the nuts category into strong growth, helping to further boost the savoury snacking category”.

Time will tell how big the brand will become following the re-launch but one thing is certain, the visuals definitely helped provide an unambiguous vision of how things could look in store.


Mr Peanut would be proud!

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