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Rustlers product relaunch

The challenge


We were delighted to support the team at Kepak with the launch of their new look packaging across the Rustlers range, making the range easier to shop and elevating premium and quality perceptions.

The approach

Our team produced animations which were used to engage and excite retailers during customer meetings, bringing to life the design changes and creative rationale.


Updated planograms were also produced to capitalise on this highly impulsive category.


We can’t wait to see the new packaging in store from 6th April and feel proud to have been able to help.

Press release


Rolling out from 6 April, the new packaging will feature “flame grilled” and “100% British and Irish beef” messaging, to:​ “highlight the quality, provenance and genuine flame-grilling process of Rustlers products, which will in turn drive shopper reappraisal of the brand”.


The launch will be supported by a “high impact” marketing campaign to: ​“create excitement and a social buzz around the new look, while elevating the quality perceptions of Rustlers products”.

Kepak is offering retailers free Rustlers branded POS kits, available via the Kepak trade website, and will be supporting convenience and wholesale channels with a dedicated field sales team.

kepak packaging stills.jpg

Adrian Lawlor, marketing and business development director at Kepak, said:

​“Clear tiering of the range, a new design and protein led colour coding, will make the category easier and quicker to shop for today’s time-pressed consumers, while offering obvious trade up options.”

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